Driving school Rotterdam

You have probably seen a lot of driving schools passing you in Rotterdam. And it made you dream about your drivers license and now you are here. Welcome to Rotterdams best international driving school. We help you from the start till the end to pass in one go for your drivers license in Rotterdam and surrounding cities. Apply for your trial lesson in Rotterdam and lets see how fast you will be on the road!

driving school rotterdam

Driving school Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a big city. One of the biggest cities of The Netherlands. There are many international students, expats and other internationals that choose to live in Rotterdam. If you are planning to stay in Rotterdam or another city in The Netherlands for a longer period, you are probably thinking about your drivers license. We are the largest driving school in Rotterdam. But what makes us special? Well… We are focused on English students! The driving lessons can also be in Dutch, but our main focus is English. 

Do you want to pass for your drivers license in one go? And do you want to follow your lessons in Rotterdam? Then we are ready to help you!

Your driving lessons will be in Rotterdam. We will pick you up from your own address and also drop you off at the address that you want in Rotterdam.

But why would you choose for our driving school in Rotterdam? Well… Continue reading!

Trial lesson in Rotterdam

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driving license Rotterdam

All our instructors are professionals. They do not only know how to drive, but also know how to teach in the most efficient way. From our experience, we know the exact order of teaching. This means that we will first see your skills that you already have, and from there on, we will teach you everything step by step. We will also focus us on the exams that you have. These will all be in Rotterdam. Our driving school will apply you to all of them.  

Driving lessons Rotterdam

The driving lessons will all be in English, Dutch or another language that you request. So if you want your lessons to be in another language; Inform us. We can not guarantee that we speak your language, so if you do not speak Dutch or English, you can still try to tell us another language that you do speak so we can match you to the right instructor in Rotterdam.

Your driving lessons will all be in Rotterdam. This is because the exams will also be in Rotterdam. We will cover all the routes that you possibly have to drive during your driving exam in Rotterdam. 

Scroll up and apply for a trial lesson and lets start with your journey to your drivers license in Rotterdam!

Pass for your drivers license in Rotterdam!

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The best driving school of Rotterdam

All our driving instructors in Rotterdam are certified driving instructors. This means that they have all studied to become an instructor. Apart from that, we improve on a daily basis. Driving school Rotterdam is always listening to all requests, questions and comments. Do you think that our driving school in Rotterdam can improve? Tell us! We are always there to listen to what you have to say. 

Apart from teaching our students, our driving school in Rotterdam is also teaching the instructors on a daily basis. This means that our whole team is updated about the last rules, exam routes of Rotterdam and all the other updates that driving schools have to know.

Car theory sample

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Dutch car theory in Rotterdam

To pass for your drivers license, you also need to pass for your car theory exam in Rotterdam. For this we have chosen the best car theory institute for you. This is an online platform and they have the highest passing rate of The Netherlands. Your exam will take place at the CBR in Rotterdam. Your driving school can register you to your car theory exam. The online course, you can follow on your computer, smartphone or tablet. So it does not matter if you are in Rotterdam or another city.

Drivers license in Rotterdam

To pass for your drivers license, you need the following: Driving School, Driving lessons, car theory, CBR car theory exam, CBR practical exam, driving instructor, examinator. DriveYourWay organizes everything. Once you start your journey with our driving school in Rotterdam, we do everything in the correct order. CBR is a national examiner. It does not matter if you go to the CBR of Rotterdam or another city. Our driving school in Rotterdam can register you to the CBR exams in every city.

CBR Exams

All the CBR exams are the same. This means that it does not matter if you are studying with a driving school in Rotterdam or another city. The first exam that you have to pass for is your car theory exam. This is also the reason why we always advise our students to study for their car theory while they are planning their driving lessons. This is more efficient than starting with the car theory after you have already been taking driving lessons in Rotterdam.

Apply for your first driving lesson in the best driving school of Rotterdam!

Rotterdam, the Dutch New York.. A new city with beautiful buildings and a lot of cultures. A beautiful city to drive a car and go from A to B. There are so many beautiful places that you have to see! Apply for your driving lessons in our school in Rotterdam and make lets make sure that you pass for your drivers license so you will be free! Being able to do your grocery, go on a city trip or simply drive to your work makes life a lot easier.. 

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Driving lessons in a manual car

Driving lessons in an automatic car

Theory lessons

The special method of our driving school helps student in Rotterdam to pass for their drivers license. We always apply the method that fits the best for you. You have the possibility to do everything in your own tempo.

The driving lessons in Rotterdam are ideal to learn how to drive, but also to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Rotterdam.

We divide the course in several steps. We always start with an intake. This is very important because before your driving lessons in Rotterdam start, you have to be sure that you are in the right place! After we both agreed that we are the right partners, we directly schedule the first lessons. We also directly start with the theory course. To pass for your drivers license, you first have to make a car theory exam. 

To know how many lessons you need, you first have to do a trial lesson. We send our most experienced instructor to the trial lesson to be sure that we can match the student to the right course. 

One driving lesson takes 50 minutes with our driving school in Rotterdam. We also offer two hours in a row. Some of our students want to finish their course in a short time because they need their drivers license for their work or another reason. We understand this and can always hear the wishes of our students.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Good driving lessons. It's just a pity that they don't give driving lessons during corona. Hopefully I get my driver's license in 1x after corona!
Olivier de Beer
From Maastricht, Holland
Best driving school in Amsterdam! Thanks for the lessons Sonja!
Zasha Swan
From Australia
Good Driving school. always on time at the lesson and good instructions
Frank Jones
From Japan
Thanks for the good lessons my friends!! Hope to see you in a bar in Amsterdam. Cheers!
Jack Brownn
From London, UK

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Driving school in Rotterdam

Our driving school in Rotterdam is orientated on results. Check out our way of thinking below.

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How does our driving school work in Rotterdam?

Before you register, it is very important to know how our driving school works. We schedule your lessons at least one week before your lessons start. For this, you need to be in touch with your instructor. We match your agenda to the agenda of your driving instructor. This way, we will always make sure that you are able to plan all your lessons. For this, we have a schedule app. You can also see the free spots of your instructor in your schedule so you can schedule your lessons yourselves as well. This system we use in our driving school in Rotterdam and all other cities.

Other driving schools in Rotterdam

There are also a couple of other driving schools in Rotterdam. We have made a list for you so you can choose wisely:

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  2. Driving school OMW
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Where does my driving school pick me up?

Well… As you are applying for driving lessons, one thing we know for sure: you have no car to drive to us! We always pick you up from the location that you give us. If you are doing your lessons with our driving school in Rotterdam, we obviously pick you up from an address in Rotterdam. We also drop you off at the end of your lesson. The location that we drop you off is also the location that you choose. ( In Rotterdam)

I have passed for my drivers license with driving school Rotterdam, can I drive?

After you have passed for all your exams with our driving school in Rotterdam, you need to go to the Gemeente Rotterdam. There they will give you your drivers license. Remember: You are allowed to drive a car after you have your drivers license in your pocket! So not after you have finished all your exams. So, register to our driving school in Rotterdam, finish your exams, request your license, pick up your license and DriveYourWay!

Rijschool? Driving school? Omw!

Our driving school in Rotterdam offers professional driving lessons from experienced and and trusted driving instructors. This means that you are always in good hands with us. We drive your way. And yes. I am OMW!

Package options in Rotterdam

All our driving instructors are experts and will give you all support you need to develop skills and habits that you need to drive safely. The lessons are affordable and we will make sure you become a self-confident driver. Did you already text your friends that you are OMW? Check the options above and start now!

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